DBT for parents – Parenting Dialectical Workshop:

Our workshops are designed to help parents develop positive parenting techniques and strategies to manage challenging behaviors in children. We cover a wide range of topics, including effective communication, setting boundaries, and managing emotions.

While your tween or teenager is going through a difficult time, you are likely going through a difficult time as well. The good news is that DBT can help you, too. DBT offers you, as parents, skills to cope and act effectively during this difficult time. The goal is to help parents enhance their understanding of the dynamics that may be playing out in their household. Parents will learn to apply these concepts to their tween or teen parenting.

During this workshop, you will learn:

– The principles of DBT and how they can be applied to parenting.
– How to identify and regulate your own emotions so that you can respond more effectively to your child’s emotional needs.
-Being Strict vs Lenient
-Independence vs. Support
-Parenting From Wise Mind
-Skills for Mindful Parenting
-Relationship Skills for Parents
– How to help your child develop emotional regulation skills.
– How to communicate effectively with your child, even in challenging situations.
– How to set boundaries and reinforce positive behaviours.
– How to work collaboratively with your child to solve problems.
-Self-Care: A Family Affair


The workshop will be guided by experienced facilitators specialising in working with parents and families. It will include interactive exercises, group discussions, and lectures. You can connect with other parents, share your experiences, and learn from each other.

Jonathan Mitchell: BA (HSS) (Psych) (UNISA)

The workshop will take place over one day, and the schedule will be as follows:

-What Is Typical, What Is Not? Behaviours
-Adolescence: Developmental Tasks
– Introduction to DBT and its application to parenting
– Mindfulness practices for parents
– Identifying and regulating your own emotions
– Helping your child develop emotional regulation skills


– Effective communication with your child
– Setting boundaries and reinforcing positive behaviours
– Collaborative problem-solving with your child
– Wrap-up and Q&A

Parenting dialectically DBT workbook. Coffee, tea and lunch are all provided.

Venue: 3 Tiverton Road, Plumstead
Cost: R1500.00 per person
Date: Saturday, 5 August 2024
Time: 9 am-4 pm with coffee and tea breaks.
Lunch 12-1 pm

Please get in touch with Joanne to book your place: admin@glenbrookpractice.co.za

We understand that parenting can be challenging at times, and we are here to help. We hope you will find our workshop informative and helpful in your journey as parents.

DBT skills training neither replaces nor alters the key-working role of other professionals/ ,Psychiatrist and Psychologist,currently seeing your child. DBT skills makes a distinction between the roles of other providers as it is skills based and not therapy. DBT® is a registered trademark of Marsha M. Linehan.