DBT for Adolescents

Dialectical Behaviour Therapy for Adolescents and for Adolescents with borderline traits is a program for developing emotion management, interpersonal, and decision-making skills. Adolescents may face numerous social, developmental, and academic pressures, such as peer rejection, low self-confidence, confusion about self, impulsive behaviour, involvement in drugs and alcohol, and issues related to intimacy and sexual relationships. With stress and decision making, adolescents’ needs for such skills are continuing to grow. It teaches practical skills for regulating emotions, reducing impulsive behaviours, solving problems, and building and repairing interpersonal relationships.

DBT may be an effective therapeutic option for young adults and Adults that commonly experience:

• Self-injurious behaviours such as cutting or scratching, suicidal behaviours
• Other risky behaviours, such as abusing substances, school truancy or disordered eating.
• Difficulty regulating emotions (including depression, extreme mood fluctuations, seemingly unpredictable emotional reactivity, and/or difficulties managing anger)
• Frequent and intense conflict with peers, adults, partner and/or other family members
• An unclear sense of who they are or life direction



DBT for Adolescents

In the important initial phase of treatment, DBT works with the young adult and parent(s) to target the following behaviourally-oriented goals:
• Eliminating life-threatening and self-injurious behaviours
• Increasing the young adults, commitment to the therapy process
• Decreasing behaviours that are causing other problems with family, school, work and/or peers
Increasing coping skills, such as learning to deal with conflict, learning to cope with painful emotions, and improving self-care

DBT places strong emphasis on acceptance and validation.
The two core elements are, Acceptance skills (Mindfulness skills & Distress Tolerance skills) and Change skills (Emotional Regulation skills & Interpersonal Effectiveness)
As well as a module specifically created for adolescents called Walking the Middle Path.

I offer individual dialectical behaviour therapy (DBT), for young adults, and follow the Rathus and Miller skills training. Rathus and Miller infused their version of DBT with original, creative, and developmentally appropriate elements. Dr. Alec Miller, Dr. Jill Raghu’s, and Dr. Marsha Lineman developed DBT for young adults and adults. This evidence-based approach is the gold standard of treatment for individuals suffering from emotion dysregulation, identity confusion, interpersonal difficulties, impulsivity, risky behaviours, and marital conflict. Among its interventions, DBT places strong emphasis on acceptance and validation.