Parenting Dialectically Workshop

Unlock the Benefits of DBT For Parents! Enhance your parenting skills and build a stronger, more resilient family dynamic.

Workshop Overview

Are you looking for effective strategies to enhance your parenting skills? Our Parenting Dialectically Workshop is tailored just for you! This DBT (Dialectical Behavior Therapy) skills workshop provides practical tools and techniques to manage challenges and foster positive relationships within your family. Whether dealing with toddlers or teenagers, this workshop will help you build a strong foundation for your children’s future.

Date: Saturday, 27th July 2024
Time: 09:00 am – 3:00 pm
Location: 3 Tiverton Road, Plumstead

Why Choose DBT for Parenting?

Enhanced Emotional Regulation

Learn how to manage your emotions effectively to respond to your child’s needs calmly and thoughtfully, even in challenging situations. Gain tools to manage emotions and teach your children to do the same.

Improved Communication Skills

Acquire clear and effective communication strategies with your children, helping to reduce misunderstandings and conflicts.

Strengthened Relationships

Build a deeper connection with your children and other family members by fostering a supportive and empathetic environment.

Stress Reduction

Practice mindfulness techniques to decrease stress and increase your overall well-being, making you a more present and attentive parent.

Conflict Resolution

Develop skills to navigate and resolve conflicts healthily and constructively, promoting harmony within your household.

Workshop Highlights

Interactive DBT Sessions

Engage in dynamic sessions led by experienced DBT practitioners, designed to provide you with practical tools and techniques for effective parenting.

Practical Exercises

Participate in hands-on exercises and real-life scenarios that will help you apply DBT skills in your daily parenting routine.

Connect with Fellow Parents

Build a supportive network by connecting with other parents who share similar goals and challenges, fostering a community of learning and growth.

Resources and materials

Continue your learning at home.

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Don’t miss this chance to enhance your parenting skills, connect with like-minded individuals, and create a positive, mindful family environment. Secure your place at our Parenting Dialectically Workshop now!

Parenting dialectically DBT workbook. Coffee, tea and lunch are all provided.

Cost: R1600.00 per person
Phone: Joanna: +27-83-227-9771

Invest in your family’s future and embrace a positive, mindful approach to parenting. We look forward to seeing you at the workshop!

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The fine print

DBT skills training neither replaces nor alters the key-working role of other professionals, Psychiatrists and Psychologists, currently seeing clients who are in DBT skills training. DBT skills makes a distinction between the roles of other providers as it is skills based and not psychotherapy. ©Glenbrook Practice (Pty)Ltd 2024