Borderline Personality Disorder Support Group

Borderline Personality Disorder Support

BPD Support Group is a DBT orientated peer group for people with Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD). The group centres on issues, discussion, education and peer support in a safe, non-judgemental and compassionate environment by providing new learning opportunities, sharing mutual support and understanding. The sessions are to help you cope and live with BPD, feel the relief with people who understand.

The group will be a strong support network where we can:

  1. Promote recovery and healthy copingstrategies
  2. Connect with people with similar experiences to feel less misunderstood andisolated
  3. Express ourselves honestly, without fear of judgement, in a safe and open environment of trust, understanding andacceptance
  4. Discuss our experiences and coping strategies and help eachother
  5. Build confidence, self-respect and a sense of identity and purpose
  6. Learn more about BPD and how each symptom affects us individually
  7. Improve communication and interpersonal skills and use these skills to build better relationships with otherpeople
  8. Work on replacing destructive behaviours and self-sabotage with constructive and healing behaviours
  9. Work on transforming the chaos, instability and extremes of BPD into peace, stability and balance 10.Support each other in finding the path from feeling trapped, empty, dissatisfied and suicidal to feeling free, fulfilled, satisfied and happy

Inclusion Guidelines: Persons considered ready for this group, would be those who have a diagnosis of BPD and have engaged in therapy and or DBT skills training for a minimum period of 4 months. This group is not a replacement for your skills training or formal therapy. It is a support group, where people with differing levels of experience and knowledge about their condition can help, support and guide each other, with the assistance of the group facilitators.

Dates: Please contact Jonathan on the email address below to find out dates.

Cost: R400.00 per individual per group, payable in cash

Venue:       TBC

For bookings please contact us on
Jonathan (+27) 74 512 2033

Facilitated by: Jonathan Mitchell: BA (HSS) (Psych) (UNISA) DBT skills trainer and counsellor

DBT skills training neither replaces nor alters the key-working role of other professionals/ ,Psychiatrist and Psychologist,currently seeing your child. DBT skills makes a distinction between the roles of other providers as it is skills based and not therapy. DBT® is a registered trademark of Marsha M. Linehan.