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Adult DBT skills programme

Join our DBT Skills Programme for Adults and embark on a journey towards mental well-being and emotional resilience. Experience the power of Mindfulness, Distress tolerance, Emotion regulation, and Interpersonal effectiveness.

Benefits of Our Programme

Why Choose Our DBT Skills Programme?

Our DBT Skills Programme offers a comprehensive approach to mental well-being, designed to help adults lead a balanced and connected life. By participating in our programme, you will build a supportive community, cultivate mindfulness, enhance your distress tolerance, regulate your emotions, and improve your interpersonal relationships.

Key Components of the Adult DBT Programme

Connect, Share, and Learn

Build a supportive community where you can share experiences, learn from others, and foster a sense of belonging.


It focuses on cultivating mindfulness, encouraging participants to become more aware of the present moment. Mindfulness practices improve concentration, reduce stress, and foster a non-judgmental understanding of one’s thoughts and emotions.

Distress Tolerance

This skill enhances an individual’s ability to tolerate and survive crises without resorting to harmful behaviours. Techniques include developing ways to manage emotions in high-intensity situations and finding constructive coping strategies to navigate distress.

Emotion Regulation

It aims to assist participants in understanding and managing their emotions effectively. This involves recognising, labelling, and adjusting emotional responses, leading to better control and healthier expression of feelings.

Interpersonal Effectiveness

Focuses on improving interpersonal effectiveness skills. This includes strategies for maintaining healthy relationships, effective communication, and assertiveness while balancing one’s needs with those of others in various social contexts.

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The fine print

DBT skills training neither replaces nor alters the key-working role of other professionals, Psychiatrists and Psychologists, currently seeing clients who are in DBT skills training. DBT skills makes a distinction between the roles of other providers as it is skills based and not psychotherapy. ©Glenbrook Practice (Pty)Ltd 2024