Self Harm

Helping Teens Who Cut Using DBT Skills to End Self-Injury Parent Workshop Launching April 2017

Self-harm workshop

Discovering that your teen or young adult is cutting is every parent's nightmare. And often ask “why” “when did it start” “what do I do” and “why where we not aware of it” The emotions and the thoughts that flood through your head when you discover that your child self-harms are beyond overwhelming.

Introducing a parent’s workshop on self-injury and a deeper understanding of the causes of self-injury. What is covered?

I. Understanding Self-Injury

1. Fact versus Fiction: Bringing Self-Injury into the Light

2. What Sets the Stage for Self-Injury?

3. How Does Hurting Themselves Make Some Teens Feel Better?

4. DBT: The Right Therapy for Your Teen

II. Helping Your Teen in Treatment and at Home

5. Making the Most of DBT

6. Resetting the Stage: How to Help Your Teen Restore Emotion to Its Proper Place

7. Writing a Better Script: New Ways to Discourage Self-Injury

8. Taking Care of Yourself to Take Care of Your Teen

9. How to Speak with Siblings, Friends, and the School about Your Child’s Troubles

10. Effectiveness of Adolescent Intensive Dialectical Behavior Therapy Programme